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We have the capacity to produce superior quality and affordable products

Expertise & Manufacturing

With the best German and Italian machinery and automated equipment Nally is able to provide the right solution for your product needs. With a State-of-the-art facility we are able to cater private label brands as well as luxury solutions for international fashion brands.

Purposely built in 2009, Nally's factory in Alenquer, Portugal, offers 7,000m² spanning production lines, manufacturing, materials and line feed warehousin where we are able to produce 15 000 tons a year.

Our flexible, automated and semi-automated production lines allow us produce efficiently in small batches ranging from to 200kg to 9000kgs production batches. This is ideal for you to test your idea!

Our production lines cover various types of product types and packaging as we are experts in packaging butters and creams, plastic, glass, aluminium and laminated tubes, hot fill and liquid fill production are complemented by specialist filling equipment.

  • We currently have the capacity to produce more than 15,000 tons a year.

  • We have a fully integrative pallet silo with a storage capacity of 1200 pallets.

  • We have an installed capacity for manufacturing over 15,000 tons personal care products.

  • Our flexible production lines operate to the safest and most environmentally friendly standards in the industry.

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